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TransEnergyPartners GmbH presents new lead management project

Stuttgart, 14.03.2014

In order of our sister company we ensure the efficient processing of internet started sales and advisory services for an international operating car dealership. The group aims to increase their future competitive ability by professionalism of their current lead management processes in the area of car sales and services.

TransEnergyPartners’ duties are the analysis of the current processes, systems and of the organisation, the development of the new mission statement including recommended action for the step-by-step implementation of the solution. Mainly the introduction of a lead management system and the installation of a telephone sales team are focal points.

Target of the projects are:

  • Best in class lead management process
  • Improvement of customer data quality
  • Bundling and qualification of all internet receiving inquiries
  • Gearing of the three internet lead sources Google, 3rd party, dealership webpage and the lead management process within the car dealership.