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TransEnergyPartners GmbH presents new financial analysis tool

Stuttgart, 27.01.2014

In the field of financial analysis of companies TransEnergyPartners now applies a professional analysis tool, which is also used by banks. As a result, the customer receives a detailed credit rating including a comparison of the industrial group. Potential possibilities of improvements can be directly deduced from the result.

As a consequence of the financial or rather economic crisis that began in 2007 an increase of equity regulations concerning banks takes place (Basel III).

In the allocation for corporate loans, banks do not orientate themselves on the up-to-date situation, but rather on their expected future conditions. To evaluate companies and create a corporate rating, all relevant information is gathered and processed in a tool, as used by TransEnergyPartners. The result also considers the underlying industry affiliation. The rating process is constantly reviewed and adjusted to ensure it remains up-to-date and significant.

Thus the importance of knowledge and ability to rate the own company in comparison to the industry is steadily increasing for the corporate management. Based on this, corrective actions can be planned and realized for rating enhancement. Furthermore the knowledge can be used for ex-ante reviews of planned operational actions and their impact on creditworthiness.

Thanks to the financial analysis, our customers in e. g. automotive retail are able to gain valuable approaches to strengthen oneself in a time of upheaval in the business and position themselves accordingly to the future with the support of TransEnergyPartners.

The use of financial analysis is also helpful in the evaluation of customers, suppliers as well as competitors.

TransEnergyPartners supports its customers in addition to the financial analysis and the subsequent results report, with the demonstration of options for action and the monitoring during the implementation.

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