The efficient and sustainable transport of products, goods and people, as well as the free mobility of the individual as an essential prerequisite for economic growth, employment and participation in social life are the focus of our company.
On this basis we advise and support automotive, trade and logistics companies in the development of more efficient and environmentally-friendly products, mobility and logistics systems, and customer-oriented sales organizations. Vehicles, transport and mobility systems will have to make a greater contribution to environmental and climate protection in the future. The environmental burden should be minimized. That's why we support battery and fuel cell based electric mobility and want to make it suitable for everyday use.

We promote the development of a corresponding electric vehicle charging technology and infrastructure. New vehicle concepts and drive technologies, the increasing acceptance of intermodal mobility solutions and digital traffic networking offer companies the opportunity to develop innovative and technologically sophisticated products and services to get new customers.

Today's customers shop and organize themselves online, buy vehicles less often, move to the big cities and remain faithful to brands, if those offer convenience and fit in with their lifestyles. Prospective customers don’t visit the showrooms before buying; they expect companies to provide customer contact and sales processes completely online; they expect these processes to dovetail with a brand compliant and proficient call center in order to cater to their specific needs.


Transport and Mobility

We offer consultancy and provide services in transport, mobility and automotive industry for the following:

  • New automotive marketing strategies and services
  • Sustainable mobility solutions and new business models
  • Customer life cycle management
  • Innovative Internet-based sales concepts
  • Rollout of processes and systems

Innovation and Technology

We offer economically savvy solution design and support in the implementation of the following tasks:

  • CarToX communication and networked media vehicle
  • Autonomous and automated space-efficient parking of vehicles
  • Comfortable and economical charging systems for electric vehicles
  • Commercially viable business strategies and models
  • Technology monitoring and impact assessment

Clean Energy

We use Clean Energy as a synonym for renewable energy to make the distinction between that and fossil energy, which takes millions of years to regenerate.
Comparatively, sources of clean energy regenerate comparatively quickly or are practically inexhaustible. Three energy sources form the foundation of all renewable energy: nuclear fusion in the sun, tidal force due to the planetary motion and geothermal energy from the earth’s core. Solar energy is the most abundant energy source, in 2010 it would have met the annual world energy demand 10,000 times. Solar energy can be utilized directly in photovoltaic and solar thermal systems (solar water heating) as well as in concentrated solar power stations.

Indirectly it is utilized by harnessing mechanical, kinetic and potential energy that is created when the atmosphere and the earth's surface absorb solar energy. The sun effects the atmospheric and ground water cycle (hydropower). Meteorological effects in the atmosphere create wind; its kinetic energy is used directly (wind power) and is used indirectly from the waves it produces in the seas (wave power). The solar radiation absorbed by plants during photosynthesis is converted into biomass, which in turn is converted back into usable energy (bioenergy).

clean energy

Renewable Energy

In the field of renewable energy, we offer the following services:

  • Project implementation in photovoltaics, with over 7 MWp of roof and ground mounted solar arrays in Germany and Italy so far
  • Management of operating companies
  • The use of renewable energy for an electric mobility infrastructure (electric vehicle network)
  • Development of smart grid integration plans, e.g. "energy plus" parking and mobility systems (on average, "energy plus" solutions produce more energy than they consume)
  • Consulting for building new brands and innovative business models in the energy sector

Investment Models

Our service extends from procuring single projects to full service investments; full service encompasses signing the contract all the way to connecting to the grid and the management of the operating company.

We advise and support our customers in:

  • Selection of the appropriate investment model
  • Cost-benefit analysis and feasibility
  • Financing solutions
  • Project procurement and implementation
  • Technical and economic due diligence

To date our focus has been on projects in photovoltaics. In addition to the pure project procurement for direct investment, we have set up project companies for domestic and foreign investors, implemented the solar array and subsequently managed it. Furthermore we have established and managed investor companies in the form of private placements.


IT Infrastructure Services

Server farms, desktops, mobile devices and embedded systems are all facing the same problem: how can new software and updates be installed securely, quickly and inexpensively? TransEnergyPartners offers the solution using AROSOFT (Berlin) software.
Using the Open Management Architecture (OMA) platform independent portfolio of features, costs and implementation time are reduced significantly while simultaneously increasing security and efficiency. Using OMA,

we distinguish ourselves as a solutions provider for decentralized IT management in automated parking, electric vehicle charging, vehicle communication and smart grids. OMA supports companies in IT change processes such as hardware or OS changes, server consolidation, franchise start up as well as mergers and acquisitions.

In order to facilitate a smooth transition to a secure and encrypted system management, OMA technology can be integrated with existing software solutions. OMA can communicate with any operating system.

IT infrastructure

In collaboration with AROSOFT we offer the following services:

  • Software integration and management of distributed energy solutions, smart meters, smart grids and electricity charging stations
  • Software deployment for a heterogeneous IT infrastructure
  • Software and transition management for existing IT infrastructure
  • Software recovery for a distributed IT infrastructures
  • Software inventory and asset management for distributed IT infrastructures
  • IT infrastructure due diligence with live reporting and generic interfaces to existing CRM solutions (SAP, IBM Tivoli, etc.)